DIY Flower Arrangements

Whenever I think of flower arrangements, I become slightly intimidated as to where to even begin. My friend, Lorna Morgan, has teamed up with Elderflower Design to show us just how easy it can be to create a lush arrangement that is less expensive and more beautiful than something found in a store.

Purchasing Flowers

To select the flowers to use in our arrangements for today’s tutorials, we went to our local Fresh Market. They always have a wonderful selection of fragrant flowers and the prices cannot be beat. We chose one bouquet of red roses, one bouquet of white hydrangeas, and two bouquets of greenery for filler.

Prepping Flowers

The first step was to prep the flowers for optimal foliage. We trimmed about two inches off the stems for all bouquets. For the roses, Lorna removed all the leaves from the stems allowing more versatility for placement. Finally, she removed the outer layer of petals from the roses so only the most lively petals would be seen. I️ collected all the unused petals for my next DIY, Homemade Rose Water.

Creating the Arrangement

The next part is where you get to have some fun and bring your own creative flare to the flow of your arrangement. Lorna started with three roses crossing at the stems, then slowly started adding more flowers and greenery to the vase. We used only three hydrangeas in the whole arrangement, because they’re such large, lush flowers, you can slide greenery or flowers between them creating the look of more hydrangeas without spending the extra money.

Be sure to fill the vase with enough water for each stem to stay hydrated. The beautiful greenery adds so much volume to this arrangement and is so inexpensive. We chose to leave the stems slightly longer on the greenery to allow it to cascade from the vase.




Stop and Smell The Flowers 

The final arrangement is simple yet so full of beauty and has such a sweet spring aroma that fills the house with warmth on a cold snowy day.


Weekend Powder Room Remodel

I️ am a huge fan of wallpaper and the dramatic transformation it can make in a room. The powder room is the perfect place to experiment with some designs you may otherwise be apprehensive to try. It gives you the opportunity make a big statement without taking over the whole home.

This powder room is located in our basement and was bland to say the least, which is exactly why I️ was so excited to get my hands on it and bring some color and style to an otherwise mundane room.

We painted all of the walls a sharp white to keep it fresh and clean. Next, we painted the sink cabinet a glossy black and changed out the knobs, hung the wallpaper as well as a new mirror and added a framed vinyl in the empty space above the toilet. The whole remodel took us two days to complete. My kind of timeline!  This wallpaper by Walter Knabe truly transforms this space from basic into whimsical.

If you’re apprehensive to make such a dramatic change, start with something small. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware like knobs or a towel hook is a quick and effective way to make a unique statement. Never be afraid to try bold design styles, experimenting with designs you enjoy is exactly what sets your style apart from the rest.

Antique Fireplace Revival

If it were up to me, I would have a fireplace in every room of the house. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, everywhere! When we bought our house and it didn’t have a fireplace, I was slightly let down but knew I would be able to craft something to fill this void. I finally landed on an antique fireplace mantle that was 120 years old so naturally, in need of some TLC. fireplace2.jpg

The house that this fireplace originated in had 3 fireplaces. When I heard this it sounds like a dream but based on the age of the home, the fireplaces were not for aesthetics but purely to warm the house. For someone who is always in a sweater and snuggled in my electric blanket, the 3 fireplaces strictly for heating purposes still sounds lovely.

First, I pulled out the rogue nails hanging of the mantle, sanded it from head to toe, and used Vaseline on all the edges and spots where I wanted the original tarnish to show through the paint. This made the after-painting sanding process to go smoothly. Fireplace1

Using Chalk Paint, I painted a portion of the mantle and quickly rubbed the paint off with a rag allowing the natural aging to show through giving it the antique look it had earned. I went through this process until the entire mantle was painted. After the chalk paint dried, I sanded where I wanted the original tarnish to come through. We added a sheet of wood to the back and created an in-cave to close the opening and make it feel more natural to the home. Finally, we drilled the fireplace into the wall to secure its place. img_0282-1

It was a labor of love but we are thrilled to give this antique fireplace a second life in our cozy home. The foster kittens seem to enjoy it too!


Tips for a Chic Dog-Friendly Home

If your anything like me, your favorite furry companion is also your favorite roommate. As far as I️’m concerned, my house belongs to my dog, Benny, and she can lounge wherever she pleases. So how do you make a house feel chic while still being a cozy haven to snuggle your four legged friend? Well grab your pooch and a drink and take a look at my favorite tips and tricks to make a small space dog and decor friendly.

1. Dog Beds I like to keep lots of dog beds around the house so Benny has a familiar place to cozy up to no matter what room we decide to spend time in. There are so many options for cute dogs beds, I️ personally prefer the beds where I️ can take the cover off and throw it in the wash. This also keeps the house smelling fresh which is always the first thing guests will notice when walking in your home. 2. Washable Sofa Covers I️ absolutely love my IKEA couch because Benny can nap on the sofa and I don’t have to worry about following her with a lint roller. I️f you have a shedding puppy, I️ strongly suggest finding a comfortable couch where you can throw the covers in the washing machine for a quick refresh. 3. Toy Baskets I️ have no shame in admitting I️ spoil my dog. I️ mean, she deserves it after all for being such a good girl! Her toy collection may be a little out of hand but I️ don’t let it take over the house. I️ keep a basket on each floor to quickly tidy up her toys and she always knows where she can grab one if she wants to play. Stay tuned in for more tips to keep a chic and dog friendly home everyone can enjoy!

My Favorite Beauty Products

The list of beauty products available could probably circle the globe more than once around. Every product promises to make you look younger, clear up blemishes, or make your skin flawless. So how do you decide which one’s actually work? I will be posting about different beauty products that I cant live without and make me feel my best.

  1. Naptown Flo is one of my favorite local, plant based apothecary and essential oil companies. I use the facial tonic every morning and night after I wash my face, it has done wonders for the texture of my skin and the aroma alone kept Andy kissing my face.
  2. Kiehls is a tried and true favorite. I can remember seeing these products in my mothers medicine cabinet growing up and now I know why she was never without them. This Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream is infused with Copper and Calcium which goes to work as soon as it absorbs into your skin.
  3. Herbivore Botanical’s is another company that bases its products on safe non-toxic ingredients to make a big impact. After the Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask is washed off, it’s hard to keep myself from touching my incredibly soft and refreshed skin.
  4. Ambre Blends has been the only fragrance I have worn for years now. The products are natural oil blends that continue to gain recognition throughout the Midwest. I use all of the products, but sometimes I will take a bit of the lotion rub it in my hands then pat it on my clothes for a lasting fragrance.

Stay tuned in for more posts of my favorite beauty products!