DIY Flower Arrangements

Whenever I think of flower arrangements, I become slightly intimidated as to where to even begin. My friend, Lorna Morgan, has teamed up with Elderflower Design to show us just how easy it can be to create a lush arrangement that is less expensive and more beautiful than something found in a store. Purchasing FlowersContinue reading “DIY Flower Arrangements”

Weekend Powder Room Remodel

I️ am a huge fan of wallpaper and the dramatic transformation it can make in a room. The powder room is the perfect place to experiment with some designs you may otherwise be apprehensive to try. It gives you the opportunity make a big statement without taking over the whole home. This powder room isContinue reading “Weekend Powder Room Remodel”

Tips for a Chic Dog-Friendly Home

If your anything like me, your favorite furry companion is also your favorite roommate. As far as I️’m concerned, my house belongs to my dog, Benny, and she can lounge wherever she pleases. So how do you make a house feel chic while still being a cozy haven to snuggle your four legged friend? WellContinue reading “Tips for a Chic Dog-Friendly Home”

My Favorite Beauty Products

The list of beauty products available could probably circle the globe more than once around. Every product promises to make you look younger, clear up blemishes, or make your skin flawless. So how do you decide which one’s actually work? I will be posting about different beauty products that I cant live without and makeContinue reading “My Favorite Beauty Products”