DIY Flower Arrangements

Whenever I think of flower arrangements, I become slightly intimidated as to where to even begin. My friend, Lorna Morgan, has teamed up with Elderflower Design to show us just how easy it can be to create a lush arrangement that is less expensive and more beautiful than something found in a store.

Purchasing Flowers

To select the flowers to use in our arrangements for today’s tutorials, we went to our local Fresh Market. They always have a wonderful selection of fragrant flowers and the prices cannot be beat. We chose one bouquet of red roses, one bouquet of white hydrangeas, and two bouquets of greenery for filler.

Prepping Flowers

The first step was to prep the flowers for optimal foliage. We trimmed about two inches off the stems for all bouquets. For the roses, Lorna removed all the leaves from the stems allowing more versatility for placement. Finally, she removed the outer layer of petals from the roses so only the most lively petals would be seen. I️ collected all the unused petals for my next DIY, Homemade Rose Water.

Creating the Arrangement

The next part is where you get to have some fun and bring your own creative flare to the flow of your arrangement. Lorna started with three roses crossing at the stems, then slowly started adding more flowers and greenery to the vase. We used only three hydrangeas in the whole arrangement, because they’re such large, lush flowers, you can slide greenery or flowers between them creating the look of more hydrangeas without spending the extra money.

Be sure to fill the vase with enough water for each stem to stay hydrated. The beautiful greenery adds so much volume to this arrangement and is so inexpensive. We chose to leave the stems slightly longer on the greenery to allow it to cascade from the vase.




Stop and Smell The Flowers 

The final arrangement is simple yet so full of beauty and has such a sweet spring aroma that fills the house with warmth on a cold snowy day.

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