Antique Fireplace Revival

If it were up to me, I would have a fireplace in every room of the house. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, everywhere! When we bought our house and it didn’t have a fireplace, I was slightly let down but knew I would be able to craft something to fill this void. I finally landed on an antique fireplace mantle that was 120 years old so naturally, in need of some TLC. fireplace2.jpg

The house that this fireplace originated in had 3 fireplaces. When I heard this it sounds like a dream but based on the age of the home, the fireplaces were not for aesthetics but purely to warm the house. For someone who is always in a sweater and snuggled in my electric blanket, the 3 fireplaces strictly for heating purposes still sounds lovely.

First, I pulled out the rogue nails hanging of the mantle, sanded it from head to toe, and used Vaseline on all the edges and spots where I wanted the original tarnish to show through the paint. This made the after-painting sanding process to go smoothly. Fireplace1

Using Chalk Paint, I painted a portion of the mantle and quickly rubbed the paint off with a rag allowing the natural aging to show through giving it the antique look it had earned. I went through this process until the entire mantle was painted. After the chalk paint dried, I sanded where I wanted the original tarnish to come through. We added a sheet of wood to the back and created an in-cave to close the opening and make it feel more natural to the home. Finally, we drilled the fireplace into the wall to secure its place. img_0282-1

It was a labor of love but we are thrilled to give this antique fireplace a second life in our cozy home. The foster kittens seem to enjoy it too!


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