Tips for a Chic Dog-Friendly Home

If your anything like me, your favorite furry companion is also your favorite roommate. As far as I️’m concerned, my house belongs to my dog, Benny, and she can lounge wherever she pleases. So how do you make a house feel chic while still being a cozy haven to snuggle your four legged friend? Well grab your pooch and a drink and take a look at my favorite tips and tricks to make a small space dog and decor friendly.

1. Dog Beds I like to keep lots of dog beds around the house so Benny has a familiar place to cozy up to no matter what room we decide to spend time in. There are so many options for cute dogs beds, I️ personally prefer the beds where I️ can take the cover off and throw it in the wash. This also keeps the house smelling fresh which is always the first thing guests will notice when walking in your home. 2. Washable Sofa Covers I️ absolutely love my IKEA couch because Benny can nap on the sofa and I don’t have to worry about following her with a lint roller. I️f you have a shedding puppy, I️ strongly suggest finding a comfortable couch where you can throw the covers in the washing machine for a quick refresh. 3. Toy Baskets I️ have no shame in admitting I️ spoil my dog. I️ mean, she deserves it after all for being such a good girl! Her toy collection may be a little out of hand but I️ don’t let it take over the house. I️ keep a basket on each floor to quickly tidy up her toys and she always knows where she can grab one if she wants to play. Stay tuned in for more tips to keep a chic and dog friendly home everyone can enjoy!

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