My Favorite Beauty Products

The list of beauty products available could probably circle the globe more than once around. Every product promises to make you look younger, clear up blemishes, or make your skin flawless. So how do you decide which one’s actually work? I will be posting about different beauty products that I cant live without and make me feel my best.

  1. Naptown Flo is one of my favorite local, plant based apothecary and essential oil companies. I use the facial tonic every morning and night after I wash my face, it has done wonders for the texture of my skin and the aroma alone kept Andy kissing my face.
  2. Kiehls is a tried and true favorite. I can remember seeing these products in my mothers medicine cabinet growing up and now I know why she was never without them. This Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream is infused with Copper and Calcium which goes to work as soon as it absorbs into your skin.
  3. Herbivore Botanical’s is another company that bases its products on safe non-toxic ingredients to make a big impact. After the Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask is washed off, it’s hard to keep myself from touching my incredibly soft and refreshed skin.
  4. Ambre Blends has been the only fragrance I have worn for years now. The products are natural oil blends that continue to gain recognition throughout the Midwest. I use all of the products, but sometimes I will take a bit of the lotion rub it in my hands then pat it on my clothes for a lasting fragrance.

Stay tuned in for more posts of my favorite beauty products!

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